The Blom family has been involved in diamonds for four generations. Currently Ernest Blom and Aron Blom are active in the daily running of the business. Within the group are Ernest Blom Diamond Cutting works and Ernest Blom Diamonds.

Ernest Blom, the founder of these companies, is very active in all aspects of the diamond trade and is involved in the following organisations both locally and internationally:

  • Honorary Life President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses
  • Chairman of the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa
  • Chairman of the Diamond Council of South Africa
  • Chairman of the Diamond and Jewellery Federation of South Africa
  • Founding Member of the World Diamond Council
  • Member of the Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator of South Africa
  • Vice President of CIBJO
Ernest Blom DIamond Cu tting Works and Ernest Blom Diamonds are based in South Africa with corresponding offices in all the major diamond centres around the world.

Our representatives travel extensively throughout Africa looking for the finest quality diamonds for our customers. These diamonds are polished to the highest international standards in terms of workmanship, which assures that you, our customer a diamond that is forever and an object of beauty

A Certificate from a recognised International Diamond Grading Laboratory accompanies all our diamonds certifying the shape, weight, clarity, colour, workmanship and dimensions of that particular diamond. We also guarantee that our diamonds are conflict free